What’s in my Tri bag?

As I packed my bag up for the Westchester tri I thought it would serve as a good opportunity to list out the items I have around and use on race day. It ended up being a useful checklist as well as I always end up forgetting an item (suncream incident at the jersey city tri). Now let’s get cracking.

      1. Bag – you need a bag that is big enough to carry those bulky wetsuits but also easy to carry when manoeuvring a bike. I use a North face barrel bag that also serves as my weekend bag. It’s big enough to carry all the items pictured without being full and it has two shoulder straps making it easy to carry
      2. Wetsuit – I like the mental boost a wetsuit provides knowing it helps you float better. Being a larger guy I found a long sleeve overly restrictive (or maybe I had too many beers) so I opted for a sleeveless wetsuit. I read a number of reviews and found that the expensive wetsuits aren’t really worth the extra dollars for beginners, those dollars are better spent on a good pair of shorts. I opted for this wetsuit
      3. Swim GogglesI carry two pairs because you never know but I like these speedo ones they are great for keeping the sun out of the eyes.
      4. Swim Cap – All races provide one but I bring a spare in case
      5. Tri Shorts & Tri Top I prefer two separate items rather than a tri suit because it gives you greater flexibility in training i.e. You won’t be that person in full race gear in the gym. My two favourite items are tri top and tri shorts
      6. Helmet – No triathlon helmet just the helmet I bought with my bike
      7. Tri Shoes The cheapest I could find a week before my first tri when I decided to clip in!
      8. Trainers (elastic laces) – Nikes with added elastic laces, these laces really help speed up transition
      9. Race BeltUseful to hold your bib and for stashing gels
      10. T-shirt – I grab the first tee in my drawer just to throw on over the tri top
      11. Calf Sleeves – New addition to my bag not sure if they’ll stay there as I’m not sure if 1. They’ll do anything for me 2. I might look like an idiot
      12. Water Bottles (x2) – Trust me you don’t want to run out of liquids. I fill mine with Gatorade and water with sodium tablets
      13. Hat – Hat for the run
      14. Sunglasses – Used on the run sometimes
      15. Towel – Used in transition zone to lay items on and a quick dry down after the swim
      16. Socks – After reading how it is a waste of time to put on socks before running, I then proceeded to get a blister half way through my run. I now never run without my anti blister socks, it’s worth the 15 seconds
      17. Baby powder – Put into the bike shoes to counteract the wet feet.
      18. Body Glide – Nobody likes chaffing…enough said!
      19. Gatorade – I sip on a Gatorade before and during a race for some added liquid carbs
      20. Gel Packets (3x) – I take one 30 minutes before and one during the run. Who knows if they work.
      21. Protein Drink – Immediate post race recovery before the obligatory Bloody Mary and burger
      22. Clif Bar – see above

Not Pictured

    1. Hoodie & shorts – something to keep you warm during the early start and to throw on after the race. Most races give free t-shirts which I tend to wear after
    2. Garmin HRM – I have the forerunner230 which I find excellent. I use it during races to keep a track of my time especially on the bike when I find myself naturally going slower. It tracks the distance well which is useful for looking at on strava after
    3. Flip Flops – For walking around transition zone

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