2017 Race Calendar

Happy New Year all!

In 2016 I completed my first Half Marathons and Olympic Distance Tri and 2017 I am aiming to complete some more major milestones with a Half Ironman. The races I will be doing will all be in the New York Area

  • Central Park Duathlon – Sunday April 2nd, a fun 2 mile run, 12 mile bike, 2 mile run
  • Brooklyn Half Marathon – Saturday May 20th, unfortunately I did not get my entry to the New York City half marathon so I will do this race again.
  • Eagleman 70.3 – Sunday June 11th, the big goal for this year completing my first half ironman.
  • New York City Triathlon – Sunday 16th July, the iconic New York city tri Olympic distance
  • Jersey City Triathlon – Sunday 20th August, Local race offering sprint and Olympic distances, I will do the sprint to change things up a little.
  • Westchester Triathlon – Sunday 24th September, great community triathlon through the scenic Westchester countryside.

I am slightly apprehensive of going into Eagleman without any warmup races, there is a triathlon (Harryman Tri) a few weekends prior but the cost can’t be justified at the minute. I will most likely get together with a few people and do my own warmup race.

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